Let’s Light Up Your Home!

  • Our exterior smart lighting ecosystem can easily be thought of as permanent Christmas lights, but it's also so much more!
  • The lighting system and all of its features are phone-controlled on a user-friendly app. Moods, colour-schemes, animations, styles, brightness/ dimness is all at your fingertips.
  • Built for year-round festive use; use in yard and patio ambiance; and use as architectural lighting keyed to feature the tasteful aspects of modern homes and businesses.
  • The aluminum track is colour matched to your house, and it is nearly invisible in the daytime.
  • The smart LED bulbs are all full colour spectrum and they are nested in the track at 9″ intervals.
  • Our product comes with a 5-year base warranty, extendable to 10-year for additional 10%.

House Light Installation

Never Put Up or Take Down Christmas Lights Again!
Ready for All Seasons and All Themes!
Let’s Light Up Your Home!

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