Sunset Soffits - Watts Lighting for year round use

Our lights are low power, customizable, easy to use, reliable, and safe all year round! Our lights are specifically designed to be subtle, and nearly invisible during the day, and used to accent the home in the evening without being over-done. Our lights have been specially designed with extensive research to output the perfect lumens so that it gives your home a customized and luxurious look.
Our lights are rated for 50,000 hours depending on the average brightness.
You sure can! There are always some limitations including power, and how many lights your house currently has on it but we can always add more lights.
Please Contact Us and we can provide some of our locations where customers have been kind enough to allow us to use their homes for this purpose. We can send you a couple of addresses to view, and we can also provide some photos if that is easier.
Currently, and unfortunately due to Covid, we have ran into major chip shortages which I am sure is nothing new to hear. Just like almost every other manufacturer of electronics parts, getting chips has been a huge concern and it has caused us delays on having some features in our app launched. Our current app has been broken down to be the simplest way to give the most control over your system and we will be releasing new updates soon!
We have several new products currently in the work that will integrate with our watts lighting system and app. Some of these products include various types of landscape lights.
Absolutely! We offer commercial applications and currently have several commercial clients. Due to most municipal building codes, our system for commercial does have a different requirement than for residential. Our systems (both for home and commercial) meet all local bylaws and building regulations. We have also designed specific systems that are purpose-built for different applications.
Yes and No. It does depend on the builder but we have a relationship with several builders in Alberta. Contact us to see if we can help you with your build. If we don’t currently work with your builder, we can get in touch with them on your behalf to make these arrangements. Our installers are certified and can provide the paperwork to your builder. In most cases, this has not been an issue at all.
Currently, for home applications, we have not released our home interior products but they are coming soon. For commercial applications, we have done several interior installations and can work out a custom solution for you.
No Way! Whilst Watts started in Calgary due to the high demand and interest in Watts Lighting, we have developed teams in several provinces and many cities, and we continue to grow. Check out all our areas in our interactive map. If you want Watts to come to your area, please reach out to us.
Our controller was designed to blend in with existing conduit and service boxes on the outside of your home. We always do our best to install these boxes in as discreet areas as possible.
Our lights are .72w per light. This is at full colour and maximum brightness.
We accept Mastercard, Visa, E-Transfer, Cash, and we even allow for financing! Contact us to find out more information.
Yes! Always. Reach out to us and find out more information if you are interested.
Yes! Absolutely. We definitely need more good people. Send your resume, or simply an introduction email to us, and we will reach out if we feel you will be a good fit. Contact us here.
We absolutely do, yes! We have already run a few successful group buys and we are always interested in hearing from more communities or groups of neighbours! Reach out to us, and we can work together to get as many people on the group buy. The more people, the more you will save. Contact us for more information.
Absolutely! We have done several homes where we have wrapped around the entire roofing structure. There are a few ways to accomplish this so make sure you check with your salesperson on the different options. We can also light up your fence, gazebo, pergola, hot tub area, and more! Contact us for more information.
The control box, and lights, are permanently mounted and fixed to your home. In most applications, it would require a ladder to even reach the box or the lights. Removing them would not be easy and would require quite a bit of noise and time. Our lights actually provide more security for most properties.
Our products are constantly being improved with new features. Our main app and controller are connected via your home’s WIFI and do require a good WIFI system in your home. You can connect to the controller through Bluetooth as well. We suggest using WIFI. Our apps to control the lights are available on both Android and iOS.
We use swatches from the 3 largest suppliers of soffit and fascia material for homes. We use this to provide a perfect match. In instances where the colour has faded over the years, for older homes, and for homes with luxury options like solid wood, we have matching solutions that blend in with your home.
There needs to be some source for power, close to where our control box needs to be placed. It is rare that we need to run a new electrical box, but it has occurred. Usually, this is only on older homes. Our certified electricians can quote and run this electrical for you so that we can take care of everything.
It depends on the size of the home. Most 2 storey homes can be done in 1 day. Bungalows are usually a half-day, and some estate homes/custom homes may require 2 or more days. Our aluminum tracks are custom-made for your home to be a perfect colour match.
It depends on the home. In some instances, we can simply fit behind or in front of the gutters. In MOST cases, we stop the track on one side of the gutter and then continue it on the other. This creates a seamless look and ensures there is no interference with your gutter system.
Technically, our lights are a high level of water resistance. The lights themselves, when not in the track, have a water resistance rating called IP65. In the track, this rating is significantly improved, although all that is needed is just the IP65 rating. Your tracks and lights can be pressure washed and cleaned without concern.
Currently, no. Unfortunately, the install process is never as easy as people think. When running the lights for 10 feet, it is the easiest thing to install. When doing it across an entire house, transitioning rooflines, and understanding the flow of animations it is a completely different scenario. Unfortunately as well, more and more municipalities are requiring that an electrician is installing this type of product which unfortunately makes a DIY option difficult.
We absolutely do! Contact us for more information.
The lights will go out when the power goes out. When the power comes back on, the lights will also come back on. The controller can take up to 5 minutes to connect to your WIFI again but then after that, you are good to go.
Our lights are capable of 16 million colours.
On a regular basis our mobile app and controller are updated with new features.
This is a good question! Unfortunately, the answer is quite complicated. Simply put, typically LED lights will attract fewer bugs than a traditional light bulb. However; this varies dramatically depending on the colour that you have the LED lights set to. For example, similar to a bug zapper, purples and blues can attract more bugs than a red or green colour.
No, our lights operate on low voltage 12v DC power.
Too many! 🙂 Traditionally we only stock 4-6 colours which are used most commonly. However; we have access to the three primary soffit and fascia manufacturers in Canada and all of their products. We have base simple colours, all the way luxurious wood patterned colours and everything in between.
We have one of the best warranties in the industry. We give 5 years warranty for the system. This is based by Watts service.
No. This product does not require regular maintenance.
Absolutely! Each light at full brightness and colour only uses .72 watts. Most customer homes use less power in a year than a single traditional pot light bulb. If power consumption is a major concern, we suggest keeping our bulbs dimmed. This can reduce the power consumption even further.
Yes, as a company we are insured.
Yes! Our Watts Lights control box is CSA and ETL certified, and our lights are UL certified. Our lights meet all building codes and regulations for each municipality we operate in. Before choosing your light supplier you should always check with your local city to ensure the companies are certified and that there is a certification stamp on the product. For commercial applications, we also have special lights that can be installed with stricter certifications when required.
Yes, there sure is and we are always working on ways to improve our app with even better features and easier-to-use interfaces.
Technically, our lights can’t burn out like a traditional light bulb although the lights can fail over time. We have one of the best warranties in the industry to help support this. The lights are technically rated for 50,000 hours while most people experience usage far beyond these numbers.